About ProWeb

ProWeb is a growing IT business in Malawi. We are about establishing your online presence for your worldwide presence. We provide various outstanding web solutions and Internet services at affordable prices.
Our mission is to help businesses in Malawi launch and establish an online presence. We aim to make web services simple and easy to use so that businesses in Malawi can make a presence on the internet and profit from the growing use of the internet and the unparalleled benefits that it presents.

Our expertise in various technologies, compliancy with the latest web standards and best practices and our use of high quality, up to date technology and facilities; enables us to deliver you constructive results.

With ProWeb you can surely depend on:


We use high quality, up to date technologies. Our team of of designers and developers is creative and skillful. We deliver high quality work to all our clients.


Reliability is the key to success on the internet. We stay on top of the latest technologies. We monitor our servers 24/7 and apply strict security policies. We promise you a 24/7 worldwide presence online. WE ARE RELIABLE.

On time delivery

As a small business that understands the value of time, we always strive to stay within deadlines and always deliver on time.

Customer Service

We specialize in customer service and are always there when you need us. We give our clients the utmost priority. To us, our clients always come first.


We stick to the highest standards of professionalism. We believe that a man's word is his world. You can, therefore, trust us

Solid and honest business practices

We hold on to the highest values of business practices. Trust, faithfulness, fairness, no corruption.