Our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are written to protect the interests of our customers, ourselves and the rest of the internet community.
Please read them carefully and make sure that you understand them. By ordering or using our services, you imply that you have read, understand and agree with our T&Cs.

1. ProWeb shall host a website account for a customer, with the customer's domain name, for the period of time corresponding with the payment cycle chosen by the customer during the registration process.

2. Contact details:
During the registration process, Customer is required to give ProWeb contact details that ProWeb shall use for contacting Customer at any event. Customer shall use the same contact details when contacting ProWeb at any event. Any communication from any other contact details other than the ones given to ProWeb by Customer shall not be regarded as coming from Customer and may be ignored by ProWeb. As such, it is the duty of Customer to notify ProWeb of any changes in regards to their contact details. ProWeb shall not be responsible or liable for interruptions in the services, or damages of any sort, based on miscommunications as a result of your failure to provide us with updated information.

3. Payment terms
ProWeb requires that payment be made by the Customer at the time of registering for our services. If other payment arrangements are made, Customer shall pay ProWeb within 7 days of invoice date. Thereafter, ProWeb shall invoice Customer in advance for other subsequent payments or renewal of our services based on the Customer's chosen payment cycle. ProWeb shall invoice Customer two or one month before the payment due date. Customer shall be required to pay any day from the date of invoice to 14 days before the payment due date. A grace period of 10 days shall follow if customer shall fail to settle the payment after which ProWeb shall suspend or terminate services if payment shall remain unsettled by Customer. Reactivation of Customer's website account after suspension, termination or cancellation shall require the payment of additional reactivation charges.

4. Price Changes:
During initial registration, Customer will not be charged greater than the amount that ProWeb charges or advertises for its services. However, ProWeb reserves the right, without prior notice, to change the prices set for its services. In such any instance, the prevailing prices shall be used for the charge of the services.

5. Prohibited content:
Services provided by ProWeb may only be used for lawful purposes. Therefore, Customer shall not use our services in a manner that:

  • Is illegal, or promotes or encourages illegal activity.
    ProWeb reserves the right to cooperate with legal authorities and/or injured third parties in the investigation of any suspected crime or wrong doing
  • Is pornographic or lewd in nature. We prohibit any adult pornographic sites on our servers, including pedophile sites, sites linking to pornographic sites (outside links) and pornographic advertisements on your website.
  • Promotes, encourages or engages in child pornography or the exploitation of children. Our services shall not be used to harm or attempt to harm minors in any way, including but not limited to child pornography
  • Infringes Copyright or trademark. Our services shall not be used to transmit any material (whether by email, uploading, linking or otherwise) that infringes any trademark, patent, trade secret or proprietary rights of any third party.
  • Is fraudulent. Use of our hosting services to make fraudulent offers to sell or buy products, items, or services, or to advance any form of financial scam is prohibited.
  • consists of forgery or impersonation. Our hosting services shall not be used in any way whose intent is to deceive or mislead. Attempting to impersonate any person or entity by using forged headers or other identifying information is also prohibited.
  • Promotes, encourages or engages in defamatory, harassing, abusive or otherwise objectionable behavior;
  • Promotes, encourages or engages in hate speech, hate crime, terrorism, violence against people, animals, or property;
  • Promotes, encourages or engages in any spam or other unsolicited bulk email, or computer or network hacking or cracking. Use of our services to transmit any unsolicited commercial mail, or unsolicited bulk e-mail is expressly prohibited.
  • Distributes viruses, Spyware and Malware. We prohibit the use of our services in the distribution of software that attempts to and/or cause damage, harassment, or annoyance to persons, data, and/or computer systems.

6. Hosted materials:
Hosting space is limited to web files, email and content of the hosted web sites. It shall not be used for storage of media, data or other electronic files. Customer shall adhere to this requirement and to any other hosting space (disk usage) limits allocated to your account(s). In the event that customer fails to do so, removal and deletion of such materials may result.

8. Back up and Data loss:
ProWeb is intent on providing the best possible service in the most reliable manner. However, we respect the fact that you are the owner of all your own files and data, therefore we consider it to be the customer's responsibility to backup and protect all their own files and data. System failures and service breakdowns are very minimal on our servers; however, we cannot guarantee absolute fidelity due to factors outside our control. We strongly suggest that you backup your files and account data regularly. You can use our control panel to backup and restore your site files and entire hosting account. Even though we from time to time back up our customer's data, ProWeb shall not be responsible for customer's files or data loss.

9. Service interruption:
ProWeb will use its best efforts to maintain a full time internet presence for our Customers. System failures and service breakdowns are very minimal on our servers. However, the network may, at various intervals, be down due to equipment failure, human error, natural disasters or any other force majeure events. In no event shall ProWeb be liable to the Customer for any damages resulting from or related to any failure or delay of ProWeb providing its services under this agreement.

10. Termination & Suspension
If Customer wishes to terminate the services at the end of the payment cycle or any other following renewals, Customer should send ProWeb notice of intent to terminate either by (a) emailing the notice to ProWeb to manager@prowebmalawi.com or (b) calling ProWeb at +265 111 619 817. This notice must be given 21 working days before the due date of the renewal. If Customer fails to notify ProWeb of intent not to renew, service will be deemed renewed by Customer under the Terms and Conditions of this agreement and the then-current ProWeb rates and charges will apply.
We may suspend any or all of our services when we have reason to suspect a violation of our Terms and Conditions while we investigate the suspected violation. We may also suspend our services where we have reason to suspect that a script installed on your website is being abused whilst we investigate the suspected abuse.

11. Server Use

Customer is required to take steps in protecting the security of our servers. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Keeping all passwords to ProWeb's control panels and other systems secure. You must not reveal your passwords to third parties.
  • Ensuring that scripts that are installed and used on your websites cannot be exploited to compromise the security of our servers.

12. Scripts
Customer is responsible in ensuring that any scripts that are installed on their websites do not compromise the security of our servers. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring that it is not possible to abuse such scripts to gain access to the file system of the server.
  • Ensuring that it is not possible to abuse such scripts to send emails to third parties.
  • Ensuring that you update any installed scripts with the latest releases, which often contain security fixes.

Where a script on your website is compromised, we may require a clean up of your site.

13. Clean Up
Where we suspect that activities performed by you or a third party on your hosting account, whether deliberate or not, may compromise the security of our server or any other server or computer, we may require a clean up to be performed. A simple clean up will be provided free of charge. This may result in total loss of existing data on your hosting account. You should then restore the website and other data from your backups.

14. Maintainance
We might have, from time to time, to perform maintenance, upgrades, or replacements to our servers. At such times, access to servers may be suspended. We reserve the right to suspend the access to the servers during the time of the maintenance, upgrades or replacements. In such an event, our customers will be sent an email at least 12 to 24 hours before the time of such maintenance.

15. Limited Liability:
ProWeb shall not be held responsible for any activities of third parties that the customer shall employ the services of when using our services.
Where ProWeb has not designed and developed a customer's website, we shall not be liable for any problems that the website shall face as a result of of faults or errors arising from the designing and development part of the website as we will only be providing hosting services.

16. Modification
We may modify any of these terms and conditions at any time and at our sole discretion. We may or may not inform our customers of this change. Therefore, our customer/s are required to visit our website from time to time to learn of any changes to our terms and conditions.

17. Violations
Any violations to our Terms and Conditions may result in suspension or termination (temporarily or indefinitely) of any services you have with us. In such an event, no refund will be given for any payments that have been made by you to us.

Please Contact Us where you may need clarification on our Terms and Conditions.